25 September 2009

The illusive Pimple ... sorry! ... Pimpernel

Yes, I'm back and a tad later than I thought I would be.
I decided to try and do some more trompe l'oeil (fool the eye - 3D will do just as well) paintings and they take a lot longer to do because of the care you have to take to create the illusion. It no longer is just a painting, it has to look as real as you can make it with a flat surface and some paints.

The painting is hanging on a black board so I can show the shadow the panel casts on the wall to help the illusion (the black background is not part of the painting). The photo below shows it from different angles.

Art Deco Espresso Cup 8 x 8 inches, oil on panel - FOR SALE

Now, some people who had sneak previews actually wondered what is going on here (they thought that the outside 'frame' was real and not painted) .... so I did these four photos of the painting from different angles hanging on a black board.
It is painted on a flat panel that has a frame glued to the back as shown below (courtesy of Dick Blick art supplies).
More 3D and still life to come over the next few days (then probably silence for the next 2 months ;-)


  1. still haven't quite figured it out, it's brilliant how you have captured the whole 3D effect, r.

  2. Wow! I had to stare at this for a while before I could figure out what is actually going on. Great job!

  3. Your paintings with the shadows are amazing, I thought it was a shadowbox, wow.

    Art by Derek McCrea

  4. Love it! Good of you to "angle" the piece for us. Awesome trompe.

    I seek him here, I seek him there, that d*#'d elusive Pimpernel.
    One of my fav stories.

    Congratulations on the Blick catalog. Can't wait to get my winter copy.