9 March 2013

Cutting Edge

18 x 24 cms, oil on linen panel

It's been a hard few months (well, 12 months actually). With my dad being in hospital 5 times and then ill at home most of the rest of the time it's been tough trying to focus on my painting and I got into a bit of an inspirational block.
So, please forgive that some of the following posts are variations on some older themes as I was also trying out some new linen panels and wanted to get stuck in right away. The panels are great by the way.
I am going to try and post some close up details later on as some people have referred to me as a photo realist painter but I just consider myself a realist. I hope the details will show that I don't try and paint every pore on a lemon, for example.

Thanks for being patient with this erratic poster :-)

It is for sale, online, on the Facebook page Masters for Sale Gallery or contact me directly.
Most of my paintings are less than 500 euros folks, including frame and insured/signed delivery anywhere in the world! So don't be afraid to ask ;-)

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