27 June 2010


12 x 9 inches - Oil on Belgian linen panel

This is a painting of Nosey, a bronze sculpture by the very talented Steve Worthington (a fellow Brit but living in the USA).
Steve has organized a project where he asked 20 artists from around the globe to paint one of his fabulous mouse sculptures and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of them ;-).
When all the artwork is in he will eventually make into a book:

1) to raise money to benefit animals in shelters,
2) be fun,
3) create something of lasting value,
4) showcase some great work by all the participants.

Check out this link (CLICK ME!) to see what some of the other artists have contributed so far, it is a great selection and shows the diverse styles that Steve has managed to get together.


  1. Lovely if not a little darker than your usual pieces.

  2. I totally agree with the title: Very minimalist, very zen ...

    Un abrazo,

  3. Paul, it's fantastic!...the colors, the unusual subject and the composition are just wonderful. Janet

  4. Nosey could get into hot water if he's not careful.
    Wonderful work, Paul! Congrats on being part of this fun project.

  5. Marvelous! Great title, too. Love this little mouse!

  6. What fun, Paul!

    I love the metal of that kettle (rhymes)! And the placement of the mouse is great too!