14 February 2009

A few new works ....

I thought I'd better get a couple more photos on here and maybe a couple more next week. Both are oil on hardboard.

30 x 24 cms (SOLD)

Font size
24 x 24 cms


  1. these are excellent! I love the crisscross in the background of the shell too. r.

  2. Quiet room... You are amazing, these two paintings are stunning with their unusual simplicity. I appreciate this unique high realistic minimalism. Size?
    A great week-end to you Paul!

  3. When I saw your images my first thought was "stunning", but I can see that Pierre Raby beat me to that usage. Very evocative pieces, quiet but powerful. Your artistic passion comes through so clearly. I am a serious beginner, still in the b+w phase of my art education, but when I do finally use colors I will come to your blog for inspiration. Do you have a background in drawing? Your control of value and edges suggests you do. Regards.

  4. hi from Spain!! i arrive from Pierre Raby´s blog and i think your work is really good, excellent, amazing. iam writing on this, but i´ve seen all your work in this blog. talent is a reality in you!! congratulations!!

  5. Hola benjaminlois! Thanks for the nice comments and for writing in English ;-) You are doing some good stuff over there in Spain too :-)

  6. CRAZY about the shells, do more!! Really lovely.