25 June 2011

Did I mention that I also paint lemons ;-)

12 x 9 inches, oil on Gatorfoam panel

I was asked to do a commission based one one of my older paintings with lemons refracted in a glass of water and thought I would do a small series of them as I love the distortion and discontinuation of the lemons behind the glass. This is the second (haven't got a photo of the commission yet) and there will be at least one more :-)
I used walnut oil and Venetian turpentine as the medium on this one.

15 June 2011

Greeting Cards

I have decided to try a few of my paintings as greeting cards and these are the only ones that I have decent high resolution images of at the moment. Unfortunately I wont be able to re-photograph my older works that have sold :-( I guess this will have to be a future enterprise and maybe I should design some specially.
If anyone is interested you can see them here: RedBubble