28 May 2009

One for the road ...........

I used an oil primed Belgian linen panel for this painting and I just love the way the paint sits on the surface, such a pleasure to paint on ... expensive though (especially after postage to France)! If you've never tried it, I suggest that you give it a go, I wish I had found it earlier!
I think I need to redo this photo as it looks ill defined and muddy on this shot.

8 x 10 inches

Some more photos from the art class. We couldn't set up easels this time, but next time we aim to have it all worked out. It was a little difficult for them painting flat on the tables but in the end it all worked out fine and they managed very well.
It was all about the basic handling of paint and how to start and finish a painting with the wet in wet technique. We didn't touch on underpainting, glazes, or scumbles, etc. but I'm hoping that they will progress to that over the next courses.

Showing them the colour I was mixing

My first oil paining :-)

27 May 2009

Still alive and well ......

I guess I'm not the world's most prolific blogger, but I get back here sooner or later. I tend to have about four paintings on the go at any one time and usually end up finishing them all around the same time so the posts tend to be once a month.
I have also done a couple of commissions but I'm not posting them as yet.
This was a big one for me 60 x 25 cms (24 x 10 inches) and is done on gessoed hardboard. I liked the delicacy of the iris against that big, heavy stoneware jar resting on the edge of the table. Any suggestions for a title?


I taught my first all day art class yesterday and it was a lot of fun for me and the students all seemed to have enjoyed as we are planning more classes. I just worked on basic painting techniques with them and they managed to complete 2 'alla prima' paintings in one day!
For some it was their very first oil painting (close up view below) and they were thrilled with what they achieved in such a short time.
It was great to have students who were so enthusiastic and they did a fantastic job of pushing away that fear of failure and the "I wont be able to do that" mentality and did themselves proud (just look at those smiling faces).
I did the lessons at a painting holiday resort here in France so if anyone is interested in painting holidays (with a swimming pool!!!): www.paintinfrance.eu/index.htm

I'll be back tomorrow with another painting and maybe another pic of the art class.