23 July 2009

There are just not enough levitating fruit on these blogs ...

Just a bit of fun ..... who knows, there may be more of these gravity defying fruit in the future :-)

SOLD - 8 x 7.5 inches (including frame)
oil on hardboard

21 July 2009

Trompe l'Oeil bottle

17 x 17 cms (approx 7 x 7 inches) including frame

I had a frame lying around so I thought I would do a painting to go in it (hmmmm! isn't it supposed to be the other way 'round ;-)
It was so much fun trying to make this look three dimensional and I'm happy with the way it turned out. The shadow on the left and top is not from the actual frame but painted in.
If the buyer hangs it on a wall with a window to the left of it it should be very effective.
I am going to do a series of these little trompe l'oeil (which means 'fool the eye' in French, for those wondering what I'm on about) after I have finished a few commissions that I have on at the moment.

20 July 2009

Time for some lilies ....

I tend to have about four paintings on the go and they all seem to get finished around the same time, hence the gap between posts. Maybe I should aim for one post a week at least, but that would mean being disciplined and the shock may be too much for my system ;-)
So, here are some lilies from the garden. I intentionally left out all the leaves and stems as I wanted them to be free of clutter in this nice little arrangement.
The background is really shades of dark green but I couldn't adjust the photo any more without bleaching out the petals, so it's a compromise.
More photos coming over this week so please pop back :-)

35 x 30 cms (approx 14 x 12 inches)
Oil on hardboard