5 April 2016

Well, here we go again thanks to some nice comments ... more paintings from that last few years with a few details much larger than life size ... all oil on panel (these were 12 x 7 inches).

4 April 2016

I finally managed to get access to my own blog after all these years after all the changes with Google!
So I'll just post some recent paintings to get started again (I must admit that I use Facebook every day now and am not sure if I will continue the blog - depending on the amount of feedback).

11 October 2013

12 x 9 inches, oil on panel

OK! The last one for now - 9 x 12 inches, oil on MDF panel.

This is a continuation of the Peeled Orange theme (posted in June) where I included a tube of paint that I used to paint the main object.

The paint is by Winsor & Newton and I'm happy to say that they have bought this one and that I will be the featured artist in their 'Painting Matters' October newsletter 

P.S. this is a very grainy/fuzzy photo but I just couldn't get a better shot and Photoshop didn't help either.

6 October 2013

12 x 9 inches, oil on MDF panel

I just loved the light coming through the leaves and the shadow on the pear, I really enjoyed painting this one.

12 x 9 inches, oil on MDF panel

Well, it's been a while folks.
I found it very hard to get back to painting after my father passing away in July and I even had to abandon five paintings in the last three months that I just couldn't finish as they were beyond salvage (I even started one of them again and had to trash that too!!), such a waste of weeks of work … not to mention loss of income! 
It was as though I'd forgotten how to paint, like some kind of mental block that I couldn't shake off.
I'm hoping that I'm back on track again now but time will tell ........

12 March 2013

 12 x 9 inches oil on hardboard
SOLD (the Cooley Gallery USA)

 Approx. 3 times life size detail


Here is the last one for now .... it's for sale, online, on the Facebook page Masters for Sale Gallery or contact me directly.