25 April 2010

OK! So it's another lemon!


This is quite a big one for me 40 x 30 cms (about 16 x 12 inches) and it is painted in a stretched cotton canvas that I have had for ages and wasn't sure what to put on it.
I have also been experimenting with different mediums and have found one that is wonderful to paint with. I am loving it at the moment and will keep you posted in case it goes disastrously wrong somehow ;-)
Here is the recipe if you are interested:
1 part stand oil (W&N)
2 parts purified linseed (Holbein)
2 parts Venetian turpentine (Talens) - this is a balsam and looks like stand oil
2 parts pure gum turpentine and 5% cobalt siccative (Roberson).

I had been trying a Dammar varnish mix but didn't like it as it was too tacky for me.
The cobalt dryer is poisonous so please take extra care if you decide to try this mix (I needed it so I could get back to work on the paintings the next day - only the W&N ivory black and cadmiums took more than 24 hours to dry but you will have to experiment).
I have always used Liquin Original up to now, but I am just experimenting for that 'perfect' medium.

7 April 2010

Hey Mr. Tangerine man ......


I forgot to post some other work I did last month, so continuing in a fruity vein I hope you like this one.
It is 12 x 7 inches, oil on gessoed watercolour board (illustration board) and if you like a smooth surface to paint on you should give it a try. Make sure to use at least 2 coats of gesso to seal the paper.
I am working on more fruit paintings and hoping the vitamins are doing me good - to be honest, I don't each much fruit and prefer cakes and biscuits for my healthy life style ;-) I am hoping that just handling the fruit is good for me ;-)