30 March 2012

Time flies

12 x 9 inches, oil on hardboard panel

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post! 
For various reasons I haven't got a lot done in the last three months and some of the work I did I was so unhappy with I either painted over them or banned them to the dark recesses of the cupboard. It became that I couldn't finish a painting: they just dragged on and on and then I gave up on them.
I'm sure this happens to all artists at some point and we have to try and battle on but giving up is not an option.
I also couldn't think of any new ideas; it was quite a dark time ...... but I am fighting through it and am working on a few new ones that I hope will put me back on track (to be posted sooner rather than later ... I hope!).
This was a re-visit of a few of my favourite props and, unusually for me, cropped into the bargain.

I have been using Michael Harding Titanium White 2 recently and love it. It is made with linseed oil and dries faster than the Winsor and Newton I normally use which used to hold back any glazing I had to do over it. It also seems to avoid 'beading' when glazing over it which was another problem I had before.
I also use their Dammar Glaze Medium in preference to W&N Liquin now, it dries over night and has a nice tack for painting wet in wet where the Liquin feels more greasy and colours don't sit on top of each other so well.

I  have also been using Artfix L84C oil primed linen and highly recommend it. I has a wonderful surface to paint on and smooth enough for fine detail too. It just feels so good! BUT ........ it is very expensive!

I will post another painting within the next few days :-)