19 March 2009

Winsor and Newton Featured Artist

I received great news today .... that I am now a Winsor and Newton featured artist.
I am absolutely thrilled by this and it made my day!
You can see it here if you are interested:
If you use Firefox as your browser and don't see my profile, please make sure to click the UK Union flag at the top of the page. Then enter the address above once more (copy and paste it from here).

Firefox loads the US site as default and not the UK one. Only Firefox seems to be a problem.

16 March 2009


I've been tagged by Jennifer Bellinger so I promise to keep it going when I have a bit more time to write up the five facts about myself.

10 March 2009

A change is as good as a rest

I decided to try and do a loose painting in as quick a time as possible and I did this in one sitting in about 3 hours. No touching up later and all brushstrokes left in place - I had to strap my arms to my sides to stop me 'improving' it and making it more like the real thing. It was a good experience and I may continue doing more to try and improve the technique ..... hats off to all those 'one a day' painters!