29 June 2009

A quick one .....

This is a one day 20 x 20 cms (approx: 8 x 8 inches) painting of two Japanese tea cups done on canvas which I thought that I'd post just to add a bit of volume to the blog, seeing as I am such a sporadic blogger ;-)
Again, the image is de-saturated (when I compare it to the original that I uploaded) and the blues are not quite as washed out as they appear in this photo.


28 June 2009

A couple of new ones

Here are a couple of new paintings (blogger seems to be de-saturating the images so they look really dull - the shell has a rich red background really, not dull brown). As usual, the shadow is just as important as the object (sometimes even more so).
I am working on a butterfly commission at the moment so no new paintings of my own on the go just yet, but I am trying to get back to some new stuff as soon as possible.

8 x 10 inches - oil on Belgian linen panel - SOLD

25 x 16 cms (approx: 6.5 x 10 inches) - oil on hardboard - SOLD

23 June 2009

Yes, it's another blue moon ....

Where does the time go? I just don't seem to have got anything done recently but I am going to post some images over the next few days of the few new paintings that I have managed to do.
This one is on hardboard and is probably the last one of this size that I am going to do, I'm just not comfortable with painting large areas ;-) Maybe it's just a matter of confidence when faced with all that space.
I'm still dismayed at my photographic skills and pull my hair out (what little I have left!) trying to get the photos to look like the paintings, but this is the closest I could get and it is still with reluctance that I am posting it ;-)

60 x 25 cms (approx: 24 x 10 inches) - SOLD