15 October 2010

Gone but forgotten?

10 x 8 inches, oil on Belgian linen panel

12 x 9 inches, oil on Belgian linen panel

Right, excuses for not posting for months ................ hmmm! Well ...... how can I put it? I was abducted by aliens, struck down by some debilitating disease, captured and held for ransom by the Crimes Against Bad Artwork fanatics. Well, nothing even remotely that interesting ;-)
I have been painting but everything seemed to be taking so long to finish and many of them were re-workings of subjects that have already been posted before so I didn't want to post them and bore everyone to death ;-)

I also had about three paintings that just didn't work at all and will be binned or painted over, it was a pretty self doubting couple of months.

Anyway, here are a few of the latest ones and I will post more over the next few days, just to prove that I haven't just been sunning myself on a beach in the Caribbean miles away from brushes and paints.
They are grapes and quinces and very seasonal at the moment over here in France.

These paintings are going to the Elliot Foutts gallery in Sacramento who have been taking most of my work for the last 5 months or so.

3 August 2010

Blick Studio Catalogue Cover

I was notified a few months ago that one of my paintings was chosen for the Blick autumn/fall catalogue .... the big surprise was that I didn't even know that I was being considered! I was told that it was a choice between twenty other artists, living and dead, so they went for someone in between ;-)

Well, finally, here it is and I must say a big thank you to Stephen Swayne of Blick who actually put forward my work for consideration and is always a great source of encouragement.
While I am thanking people, I would also like to thank my sister in law, Sheila, because if not for her support and continuous encouragement I would not have made it this far ............ thanks sis :-)

21 July 2010

A Cup of Lily Dear?

9 x 12 inches, oil on Belgian linen panel
For sale soon at Elliot Foutts Gallery Sacramento

Well ... my good news is that I am now represented by the Elliot Foutts gallery (link above), they have been great and made the whole gallery experience a pleasure for me and they have been so supportive and encouraging. They are also arranging an exhibition of realist artists in October (including my Blogger friends Neil Hollingsworth and Chris Stott) that will be covered in American Art Collector magazine so look out for that. If you can make it, here are the details: October 2nd - November 5th, with the opening taking place on October 9th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM (address and contact on the web site).
I will also be represented by the Tallantyre gallery in Newcastle in the UK when I manage to get some work to them.

Right, the painting ... I have dedicated this to the special person who sent me this lovely cup along with packets of my favourite Starbucks Sulawesi coffee (which I can't get here). To protect the innocent, no names will need to be changed 'cause I ain't giving any ;-)

27 June 2010


12 x 9 inches - Oil on Belgian linen panel

This is a painting of Nosey, a bronze sculpture by the very talented Steve Worthington (a fellow Brit but living in the USA).
Steve has organized a project where he asked 20 artists from around the globe to paint one of his fabulous mouse sculptures and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of them ;-).
When all the artwork is in he will eventually make into a book:

1) to raise money to benefit animals in shelters,
2) be fun,
3) create something of lasting value,
4) showcase some great work by all the participants.

Check out this link (CLICK ME!) to see what some of the other artists have contributed so far, it is a great selection and shows the diverse styles that Steve has managed to get together.

16 June 2010

Three of a Pear

12 x 9 inches on Belgian oil primed linen panel

Here you go everybody ............ three lemons disguised as pears ;-) Yet more fruit on the edge.

8 June 2010

Lemon twirl

12 x 9 inches on oil primed Belgian linen panel

I was a lot more careful cutting this peel (aspersions to my heavy handedness being referred to in my last post .... yes you know who you are April ;-)
It was suggested to me by a gallery in Las Vegas that I do pairs of paintings so I did this to go with the lemon in the previous post. The next post will be a painting of pears (instead of pairs of paintings ;-)

4 June 2010

On the edge ...

12 x 9 inches on Belgian linen panel

When I was setting this up I thought that maybe there was too much of the wooden box showing and that the lemon was not prominent enough, but I wanted to give the feeling of the lemon hanging over a big drop and teetering on the edge (a bit like me ;-). I toyed with a horizontal composition too but it didn't give me that 'edgy' feeling ... this one works for me.

1 June 2010

That blue moon means it must be time for another post ...


I didn't realise that I hadn't posted this painting, so here it is. It is 12 x 9 inches on Belgian linen panel and was painted before the one in the previous post.
I have some new paintings coming up in the next few days and you'll be surprised to know that more than a few of them involve lemons.

I have slightly adjusted the new medium that I started using in the last post and it is just wonderful with the oil primed linen panels.
I now make up the mix minus the cobalt dryer and when I start to paint each day I pour out enough of the medium for the day's work (about a teaspoon full) and then add a drop or two of the cobalt to it
(with an eye dropper) and give it a good mix. If you add too much dryer the painting will start to dry in a few hours so you need to experiment but try not to use a lot of cobalt as I believe larger amounts can lead to cracking.

25 April 2010

OK! So it's another lemon!


This is quite a big one for me 40 x 30 cms (about 16 x 12 inches) and it is painted in a stretched cotton canvas that I have had for ages and wasn't sure what to put on it.
I have also been experimenting with different mediums and have found one that is wonderful to paint with. I am loving it at the moment and will keep you posted in case it goes disastrously wrong somehow ;-)
Here is the recipe if you are interested:
1 part stand oil (W&N)
2 parts purified linseed (Holbein)
2 parts Venetian turpentine (Talens) - this is a balsam and looks like stand oil
2 parts pure gum turpentine and 5% cobalt siccative (Roberson).

I had been trying a Dammar varnish mix but didn't like it as it was too tacky for me.
The cobalt dryer is poisonous so please take extra care if you decide to try this mix (I needed it so I could get back to work on the paintings the next day - only the W&N ivory black and cadmiums took more than 24 hours to dry but you will have to experiment).
I have always used Liquin Original up to now, but I am just experimenting for that 'perfect' medium.

7 April 2010

Hey Mr. Tangerine man ......


I forgot to post some other work I did last month, so continuing in a fruity vein I hope you like this one.
It is 12 x 7 inches, oil on gessoed watercolour board (illustration board) and if you like a smooth surface to paint on you should give it a try. Make sure to use at least 2 coats of gesso to seal the paper.
I am working on more fruit paintings and hoping the vitamins are doing me good - to be honest, I don't each much fruit and prefer cakes and biscuits for my healthy life style ;-) I am hoping that just handling the fruit is good for me ;-)

13 March 2010

Now ... don't cry over this one ...

12 x 9 inches - oil on Belgian linen panel
SOLD ;-)

This was the second of my reflections pieces and it may be the last for now - until I pluck up the courage to do another.
I was a bit concerned over the lack of colour after I'd finished this one but I like the simplicity and monochromatic feel. The greys are made up with raw umber, cobalt blue and white for the cool areas and raw umber, cobalt blue, yellow ochre and white for the warmer areas.
The seemingly white highlights all have some yellow ochre added to them too.

7 March 2010

Lemon Squashed

8x8 inches oil on panel - SOLD

I thought it was about time to have a lemon that was not perfect and was messed up a bit.
The idea of reflections was something I had wanted to paint for a long time but was plucking up the courage to face the new challenge - I wish I could say it was easy but ....................... it wasn't!!!
There is another 'reflections' painting coming soon and then I think that's it for now (I like an easy life: I stepped out of my comfort zone and now I'm running straight back into it ;-).

3 March 2010

... and now for something completely different ... a painting

12 x 9 inches - oil on Belgian linen panel

It's been a while since the last painting but I will be posting quite a few over the next week or so because they have all come together around the same time. Due to the fact that I work in quite a few layers, I am always letting one dry while I work on the next and I end up with 4 - 6 paintings on the go.
I must say that this is one of my favourites because the composition, lighting and colouring just seem to work so well ....... and it was a joy to paint.
I think it has a classical feel to it but I'll let you be the judge of that ..... I just push the paint around ;-)

2 March 2010

The Artist Magazine and my ugly mug

If you manage to pick up the April issue of The Artist Magazine you will see a two page advert for Blick art supplies (link on the left of the page) featuring yours truly.
I use the panels featured in the ad for all my smaller square paintings and they kindly decided to showcase some of the work done on the said panels.
So I'd like to give a special thank you to Stephen Swayne of Blicks for this great opportunity to get some coverage in the US and for his support of my work.

14 February 2010

Winsor & Newton Commission

Last July I was approached by Winsor & Newton and asked to do another painting of my lemons in a bowl (different arrangement and shadow on the bowl) to be used as a label for their new 'Fine Detail' canvas.
I was, of course, thrilled to even be asked by them and the thought that one of my paintings is used on one of their products is a very proud moment for me.
They even credit me on the label so I am very grateful to them.

More new paintings coming soon ... the usual 'they all come at once' posts that you are probably getting used to. Some tangerines coming up this time, ousting the lemons into second place ;-)

17 January 2010

OK! Try and keep up ;-)

12 x 9 inches - Gessoboard

Let me explain ............. these recent postings are all ones I have completed over the last month, I am not 'banging them out' (yes, you know who you are ;-) at the rate of one every few days (I wish). I have to post them all now as I have put them on eBay - the links are on the right.
This is one of my favourites as I just like the feeling it gives me when I look at it.

On the shelf

Oil on Belgian linen panel - 12 x 9 inches

Yes, another shell ................ and more to come soon (well, one anyway - then that's it for all things shell like). Click the photo as I have uploaded a larger pic.

14 January 2010

Back in Black

Brass and Glass 8 x 8 inches, oil on panel - SOLD

Just another quick post. I do love green glass, it's the clear stuff that gives me problems ;-)

10 January 2010

Tea anyone?

9 x 12 inches - Oil on Belgian linen - SOLD

I revisited an old favourite for a customer in Bermuda. This battered old cast iron kettle was given to me by an old couple who ran a tiny restaurant in Yokohama where I used to eat about three times a week for many years. Only nine people at a time could fit into the L-shaped room under a railway arch and the food was great (cooked right in front of you and I would chat with them as they prepared my food).

4 January 2010


8 x 8 inches, oil on Blick Studio panel: SOLD

Well, it has been a while hasn't it, but in November/December I had some commissions to do for exisiting customers and only got back to doing some 'new' stuff a couple of weeks ago.
The new paintings all seem to
be ready at the same time, so I will post some over the next few days to spread them out.

So ........... hands up those of you who thought I could only do black backgrounds (you may as well keep them up as there are more to come - I'd hate to disappoint you ;-)
No prizes for figuring out the title I'm afraid!