30 October 2009


There is a story behind this painting:

SOLD: 9 x 12 inches, oil on Belgian linen

Four weeks ago I took my father for a minor operation to the suburb of a city 40 miles away and while I was waiting for him to come out of surgery I took a drive into the historical town centre to walk around and take some photos.
I saw this 18th century door and brass knocker and thought it would make a nice composition:
The square, the circle and the almost triangle of the shadow - I left the knocker at an angle on purpose so that it wasn't too symmetrical.

Then, last week I had to take dad for an eye examination to the same city (but this time in the centre), we didn't know where the clinic was so we printed a map from Google maps, when we found the road we were looking for, we counted the doors down to number 9 and guess which door we were standing outside .... yes, this one, this was were the appointment was for.
What drew me to that door weeks ago in a city with thousands of ancient and small streets - I have no idea!
The chances must be millions to one of this happening ... weird huh!

7 October 2009

Au Pear

9 x 12 inches, oil on Belgian linen panel - SOLD

A break from the 3D stuff (but more to come) and back to black with more of a classical theme.
I do love this oil primed linen and would recommend that you give it a try, if you haven't already. It is Claessens #13 (fine weave) and I get my panels here: SourceTek
I thought painting pears would be easy, but it took a lot of fine tuning to get them to this stage (I'm a bit of a plodder) but it hasn't put me off and I will be trying some more very soon. Methinks a levitating pear is called for to counter the gravity of the above ;-)