27 June 2010


12 x 9 inches - Oil on Belgian linen panel

This is a painting of Nosey, a bronze sculpture by the very talented Steve Worthington (a fellow Brit but living in the USA).
Steve has organized a project where he asked 20 artists from around the globe to paint one of his fabulous mouse sculptures and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of them ;-).
When all the artwork is in he will eventually make into a book:

1) to raise money to benefit animals in shelters,
2) be fun,
3) create something of lasting value,
4) showcase some great work by all the participants.

Check out this link (CLICK ME!) to see what some of the other artists have contributed so far, it is a great selection and shows the diverse styles that Steve has managed to get together.

16 June 2010

Three of a Pear

12 x 9 inches on Belgian oil primed linen panel

Here you go everybody ............ three lemons disguised as pears ;-) Yet more fruit on the edge.

8 June 2010

Lemon twirl

12 x 9 inches on oil primed Belgian linen panel

I was a lot more careful cutting this peel (aspersions to my heavy handedness being referred to in my last post .... yes you know who you are April ;-)
It was suggested to me by a gallery in Las Vegas that I do pairs of paintings so I did this to go with the lemon in the previous post. The next post will be a painting of pears (instead of pairs of paintings ;-)

4 June 2010

On the edge ...

12 x 9 inches on Belgian linen panel

When I was setting this up I thought that maybe there was too much of the wooden box showing and that the lemon was not prominent enough, but I wanted to give the feeling of the lemon hanging over a big drop and teetering on the edge (a bit like me ;-). I toyed with a horizontal composition too but it didn't give me that 'edgy' feeling ... this one works for me.

1 June 2010

That blue moon means it must be time for another post ...


I didn't realise that I hadn't posted this painting, so here it is. It is 12 x 9 inches on Belgian linen panel and was painted before the one in the previous post.
I have some new paintings coming up in the next few days and you'll be surprised to know that more than a few of them involve lemons.

I have slightly adjusted the new medium that I started using in the last post and it is just wonderful with the oil primed linen panels.
I now make up the mix minus the cobalt dryer and when I start to paint each day I pour out enough of the medium for the day's work (about a teaspoon full) and then add a drop or two of the cobalt to it
(with an eye dropper) and give it a good mix. If you add too much dryer the painting will start to dry in a few hours so you need to experiment but try not to use a lot of cobalt as I believe larger amounts can lead to cracking.