17 November 2009

Rose on the Half Bottle

12 x 9 inches oil on linen panel - SOLD

This is another trompe l'oeil (fool the eye) that I did to fit in this particular frame but rather than do it on hardboard I did it on Belgian linen to see if I could get the same effect (it doesn't work quite so well in the photo becasue of the glare and shadow from the light) ....... and yes, I did drink the wine first ;-) I must do more with wine bottles, it's a good incentive.

14 November 2009


If anyone is interested, I gave a small (and probably dull) interview to José Carrilho on his The Art Inquirer blog
You may notice that my name has changed to Paul Coventry-Brown, this is to avoid my being confused with the, seemingly, millions of other Paul Brown artists out there when you Google the name (Coventry is my mother's maiden name).
I am working on a few commissions at the moment but I hope to get a new post up soon.