20 July 2009

Time for some lilies ....

I tend to have about four paintings on the go and they all seem to get finished around the same time, hence the gap between posts. Maybe I should aim for one post a week at least, but that would mean being disciplined and the shock may be too much for my system ;-)
So, here are some lilies from the garden. I intentionally left out all the leaves and stems as I wanted them to be free of clutter in this nice little arrangement.
The background is really shades of dark green but I couldn't adjust the photo any more without bleaching out the petals, so it's a compromise.
More photos coming over this week so please pop back :-)

35 x 30 cms (approx 14 x 12 inches)
Oil on hardboard


  1. this is probably one of my 'favouritist' ones to date, and love the composition.
    having said all that, i have to admit i dislike the overpowering smell of these flowers. r.

  2. Dramatic, theatrical, minimal, poetic, elegant...
    Perfect, perfect, perfect...
    The flowers are like classical dancers on a scene. A strong piece Paul!

  3. This is an amazing and beautiful work, and very original composition.
    Best regards,

  4. Beautiful piece! I just recently discovered your site and I have to say I love your work.

  5. Love this Paul - I am a frustrated PE teacher from Scotland (who has laso lived in France - Tolouse). Would love to be a full time artist. Good luck Paul - hope to hear from you.


  6. Hi Michael
    Thanks for the comment. You didn't leave an e-mail address and your blog has no contact details yet so I can't contact you ... sorry :-(
    Mail me with an address.