3 September 2009

Back from the dead?

I thought that I had better put something on the blog before it became extinct.
The lack of posting is due to receiving a commission from Winsor & Newton in July. They wanted one of my paintings to put on the labels of a new fine detail canvas that they are going to market, so I did two paintings (so they could choose one of them) and they took both of them ......
They wanted a similar one to the lemons on the home page of my site. I don't know how the design will look yet and they have promised to send some photos when they are done so I will post them when I get them.

This lily painting was done for Regina (a great customer in Bermuda) and I also did two other commissions since the W&N one but can't post them becasue I forgot to take photos before I sent them off!!!!!.
I am working on some new ones though (one trompe l'oeil as promised - which is taking more time than I thought!) and I will try to be a good, if somewhat erratic, blogger by getting them on here soon ..... duck, there goes a flying pig ;-)


  1. Paul, as always an exquisitely executed piece: the background sets the lily off beautifully. r.

  2. Hi Paul!
    You're so fun in your writing... Please, don't forget to photograph your artwork and show it to us :) It's a very needed pleasure and inspiration...
    Great painting btw (I'm kidding, I'm dying, it's gorgeous!)
    Best regards,

  3. Congrats on Winsor & Newton commission. That's really cool. Can't wait to see the final labels. Also, great job on the "Lily" painting. Perfectly painted as usual.

    By the way, what size is this one?

  4. Congrats on all of your commission's Paul. Looking forward to seeing the W&N paintings! Very impressive. Your paintings are sublime. Best to you, Liz

  5. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am blown away by your work! You are truly talented!!

    btw.... I noticed you wished me luck on my holiday. Made me laugh because here in the States they say vacation but I'm from Canada and we also say holiday!

  6. well this painting is well worth waiting for to be posted. Great job, Paul and congratulations on the Winsor Newton art.

  7. Here Here old chap, well done on the commission , well deserved indeed Paul "Great" Work again. Keith

  8. Paul, how wonderful! Misters Winsor & Newton have good taste in choosing you.

    I hope you don't mind, but I thought your comment on repairing a 'dented' canvas so timely that I posted it... crediting you and quoting verbatim. Hope it brings more visitors to your lovely blog.

  9. Congratulations and this is so beautiful.