19 May 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

16 x 12 inches - Oil on Gatorfoam
SOLD to Ryan Gallery Las Vegas

This is my Winter hat and an old suitcase that I store old video tapes in (so, two lots of antiques ... if you don't include me that is ;-)
I like doing these retro scenes so I may hunt out some more objects that I can use in the junk shops around here.
More lemons and tangerines coming soon - so no surprises there (I'm self indulgent, what can I say!).


  1. Lovely painting. It has nostalgic qualities for sure. Personally I'd prefer to see more works like this, but if oranges and lemons ring your bells of St Clemens.... lol I thought your post was going to say you were heading off somewhere :-)

  2. Good work Paul, seeing this, makes me feel like taking a trip

  3. great subject material Paul And so well done.
    Thanks for commenting on my art blog. Trout can make a great supper and I especially love small Brookies fried up. :>)

  4. This is wonderful, Paul. It has so much personality. Your painting reminds me of Magritte, especially with whimsical feel lent by the suitcase's smiling handle.