30 March 2012

Time flies

12 x 9 inches, oil on hardboard panel

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post! 
For various reasons I haven't got a lot done in the last three months and some of the work I did I was so unhappy with I either painted over them or banned them to the dark recesses of the cupboard. It became that I couldn't finish a painting: they just dragged on and on and then I gave up on them.
I'm sure this happens to all artists at some point and we have to try and battle on but giving up is not an option.
I also couldn't think of any new ideas; it was quite a dark time ...... but I am fighting through it and am working on a few new ones that I hope will put me back on track (to be posted sooner rather than later ... I hope!).
This was a re-visit of a few of my favourite props and, unusually for me, cropped into the bargain.

I have been using Michael Harding Titanium White 2 recently and love it. It is made with linseed oil and dries faster than the Winsor and Newton I normally use which used to hold back any glazing I had to do over it. It also seems to avoid 'beading' when glazing over it which was another problem I had before.
I also use their Dammar Glaze Medium in preference to W&N Liquin now, it dries over night and has a nice tack for painting wet in wet where the Liquin feels more greasy and colours don't sit on top of each other so well.

I  have also been using Artfix L84C oil primed linen and highly recommend it. I has a wonderful surface to paint on and smooth enough for fine detail too. It just feels so good! BUT ........ it is very expensive!

I will post another painting within the next few days :-)


  1. The old suitcase and the hat are always there to give you a hand in moments when the inspiration takes holidays, I was thinking of you the other day and wandering if you were painting. Nice to see that you are .

  2. Paul, I am completely in awe of your talent, sir. Your paintings are truly beautiful and inspiring. While religious art is my personal passion, an exquisitely rendered still life is what sets my heart aflutter. Simply marvelous!