16 July 2012

More fruit ...

8 x 8 inches oil on Blick Studio panel

Day two:
.... now where was I? .... ah, yes - painting surfaces .......
Right, off we go again: I tried Winsor & Newton oil priming on hardboard but it was very thick. ent on quite patchy and needed a lot of sanding to level it out and it still wasn't that great to paint on. At least the acrylic dries faster so I am back to that.
I give the hardboard one coat of acrylic size and four coats of gesso (sanded between each coat with 500 gauge paper) and a final coat of Liquin tinted with burnt umber or an opaque warm grey.

I think I'll prattle on about mediums in the next post (maybe tomorrow) as I have tried so many of them (almost an addict to buying any one I can get my hands on).

This tangerine is following on in the 'trompe' series. Unfortunately the photo looks rather flat but in real life the peel does appear to be coming out of the surface (yet another compromise .... photographs ;-).

... to be continued


  1. Elegantly sculptural! Perfection. Love this painting a lot Paul.

  2. Sumptuous! That lovely twisty peel... always inspiring to some see what'd on your easel.

  3. a wonderfully deceptive piece Paul! And congratulations on all the sales of the previous paintings... seems they are sold while still wet! :)

  4. Thank you guys it's always great to hear from your peers :-)

  5. Always perfection !!!
    I love your work...

  6. Thanks Sam .... you haven't added anything to your blog for a long time!