30 October 2012

Yes, it's been a long time since I posted. I did have some commissions that I haven't posted because they are similar to others that I have posted before (lemons are still very popular ;-).
I should have three or four others finished shortly so I hope to post them soon.

I had meant to try a grey under painting (grisaille) for a long time so I thought I'd share how I went about it with this little study (I did the grisaille in acrylic). I can't really say if it improved my work flow but it did help to get the form blocked in a lot quicker (I'm a slow worker so it was never going to really speed me up, which is what I'd like ideally!).

The left half has been 'oiled out'. This is where you paint a very thin coat of medium over the painting the next day to bring the colours back to how they looked when you first painted them (they can dry dull, chalkly and lifeless - as you can see on the right). It's great to work into this wet layer too and it helps to blend it with the layer below.

Oil on 9 x 7 inch hardboard

I have been included on this Facebook page with some very illustrious company so please 'like' the page if you visit it (scroll down to see my peeled tangerine): http://www.facebook.com/WorldClassPainters

I hope I can get the new stuff to you ASAP .... please don't give up on me, I know I'm hopeless at this ;-)


  1. This is a simply stunning piece, Paul. And to see the step by step is a real treat. *I* certainly won't give up on you. Seeing your pieces, no matter how infrequently, is the highlight of any day. Just beautiful.

  2. Meraviglioso lavoro Paul, complimenti.
    Un sorriso Nadia

  3. Long time Paul , hope alls well , still producing beautiful work i see , yours aint to bad either :) .... i see that your header at the top of this page is one of the ones i bought from you , i have it in pride of place mate , love it , keep em coming ... all the best to you and yours / Keith

  4. Amazing work. Really glad you put up the artwork while it was in progress.

  5. Hi, Mr. Paul. You have beautiful paintings....My name is Tiara and I paint too.....please visit my blog......www.gallerytiara.blogspot.com

  6. Lovely progression and stunning finished work! As always your work is wonderfully inspiring!

  7. It's great to see your process in these photos of the painting progress. What a lovely and sparkling piece. I love the compositional simplicity and the contrast of the orange with the dark background.

  8. Thank you all for the kind comments :-)