9 March 2013

60 x 34 cms, oil on hardboard panel.

Another biggie for me ...... maybe the last too ;-)

.... and that will do for today I think (more soon).

By the way, I am more up to date on Facebook than my blog, it's just so much more interactive so hope to see you there.

It is for sale, online, on the Facebook page Masters for Sale Gallery or contact me directly.
Most of my paintings are less than 500 euros folks, including frame and insured/signed delivery anywhere in the world! So don't be afraid to ask ;-)


  1. Paul, so wonderful to see something new from you again. This piece is just magnificent. I continue to stand in awe of your talent, sir.

  2. are all of those paintings for real? i'm sorry if you get this question too frequently, but i just can't believe, they look so gorgeous and realistic!

  3. Hi Lan Trang
    Yep,, they are paintings :-) If you go to my Facebook page (link on the right) I posted some detail close ups so you can see the technique.
    Thanks for the comment :-)