6 October 2013

12 x 9 inches, oil on MDF panel

Well, it's been a while folks.
I found it very hard to get back to painting after my father passing away in July and I even had to abandon five paintings in the last three months that I just couldn't finish as they were beyond salvage (I even started one of them again and had to trash that too!!), such a waste of weeks of work … not to mention loss of income! 
It was as though I'd forgotten how to paint, like some kind of mental block that I couldn't shake off.
I'm hoping that I'm back on track again now but time will tell ........


  1. So terribly sorry about your father, Paul. Your new paintings are as beautiful as ever though. Best of luck getting back in your stride. God bless.

    1. Thank you Wendy ...
      I rarely update or visit the blog and spend most of time on Facebook as it seems to have been better for me in reaching more people with easier feedback and communication.
      I guess I should spend more time here too ......

      Take care,