26 September 2009

Snug as two jugs .....

8 x 8 inches oil on panel - SOLD

Right ..... I also had problems with this one with a certain blogger (yes, you know who you are Rahina ... OOPS!) who wasn't sure what exactly was painted so I guess I need to explain that everything here is painted except the black background which is just the board I hung it on for the photo.
I posted the side view so that you can see the depth of the panel. It also surprised me that the illusion of 3D worked from the side too .... shiver me timbers (am I too late to get the Pirate talk in?).
Still life next time while I work on the other 'trompe' paintings.


  1. Having fun Paul? Great job, so neat and quirky!
    Love your colors too. A great weekend to you!

  2. it's fantastic Paul, love the feel of the china jugs and you have achieved the illusion perfectly... any chance you could use a pink background for the next one?:))r.

  3. Beautiful work, Paul! Very thought provoking.

  4. This is just awesome...what a cool trick (or treat) for the eyes.

  5. Your paintings are just great -- very intriguing.

  6. I am in awe of your talent and trompe oeil technique. The illusion of depth is brilliantly captured. Thanks for your visit and comment, I have added your link on my blog.

  7. Paul!

    If people can't figure out where the painting starts and ends, you can be DAMN SURE it is very realistic looking!

    Can't think of a better compliment myself!