7 October 2009

Au Pear

9 x 12 inches, oil on Belgian linen panel - SOLD

A break from the 3D stuff (but more to come) and back to black with more of a classical theme.
I do love this oil primed linen and would recommend that you give it a try, if you haven't already. It is Claessens #13 (fine weave) and I get my panels here: SourceTek
I thought painting pears would be easy, but it took a lot of fine tuning to get them to this stage (I'm a bit of a plodder) but it hasn't put me off and I will be trying some more very soon. Methinks a levitating pear is called for to counter the gravity of the above ;-)


  1. 'texture' is the first word that came to mind: the smoothness of the skin of the pears, the cool feel of the porcelin... both captured here beautifully. r.

  2. The technical mastery of your work is sublime Paul-I envy your skill.

  3. Hey Paul
    Thanks for your comment Paul, yes its "me" Ant and Dec from now on, I will give you a mention on the show !!
    A levitating "pear" sounds beautiful !!
    Keep up the great work / Keith

  4. Hi Paul,
    first time visitor. so impressed by your skill. love your compositions and the beauty your capture. Also, I sense a bit a humor in some of your paintings. Am I correct?

  5. I want to paint like you do... some day (I'm making something right now at painting classes, but still haven't post it). Congratulations again, and yes, a levitating pear is needed, do I see it coming? :)

  6. Paul!

    Flawless perfection!!!