30 October 2009


There is a story behind this painting:

SOLD: 9 x 12 inches, oil on Belgian linen

Four weeks ago I took my father for a minor operation to the suburb of a city 40 miles away and while I was waiting for him to come out of surgery I took a drive into the historical town centre to walk around and take some photos.
I saw this 18th century door and brass knocker and thought it would make a nice composition:
The square, the circle and the almost triangle of the shadow - I left the knocker at an angle on purpose so that it wasn't too symmetrical.

Then, last week I had to take dad for an eye examination to the same city (but this time in the centre), we didn't know where the clinic was so we printed a map from Google maps, when we found the road we were looking for, we counted the doors down to number 9 and guess which door we were standing outside .... yes, this one, this was were the appointment was for.
What drew me to that door weeks ago in a city with thousands of ancient and small streets - I have no idea!
The chances must be millions to one of this happening ... weird huh!


  1. Beautiful story- synchronicity is one of the million poetical gifts given on that here and now traveling. Wonderful painting too, with an interesting symbolism.

  2. I think everything happens for a reason, there is not real "coincidence" in certain events. Tha fact that we don't understand why doesn't make them random... how was that for 10:42 am.? ;)
    Great painting, as usual, hope your dad is doing well
    Best regards,

  3. Great synchronicity and what a beautiful painting. We have a blog on synchronicity and would love to re-post this story. Hope you'll drop by.
    Thanks -
    Trish MacGregor

  4. Paul, it’s a great story and this painting turned out wonderful.
    thank you for visiting my blog. your comments have eased my mind tremendously..:)

  5. hi paul, i'm coming to your place from trish and rob macgregor's - what a great story yours is! love it! and love your image! beautiful!

  6. Incredible work and incredible story Paul-I think this work could constitute as one of those cases of remote viewing.

  7. a door handle... or a work of art within a work of art? i feel a series coming... it is just wonderful!

  8. Hello Paul
    I believe there are reasons for everything, I think its all planned out and you got to where you were going a little early.
    Great painting paul and I Hope your Dads OK

  9. Great story and painting!Your work is stunning. Thank you for visiting my blog. Can you believe I once was a realist painter?! Happy Painting! Lisa

  10. Wow! Paul, you have knocked me over! I am so appreciative that you stopped by to look at my blog... and took the time to comment! I am a huge admirer of your work and have enjoyed looking at your amazing posts time and time again. You are definitely a bookmarked favorite!

    And this painting and story gave me chills... in a good way!


  11. Hi Paul, Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is the first time I have seen your work - just amazing. I use winsor newton too. Love the story about the door knocker - very freaky in a good way.

  12. Facinating story! I wonder what the next chapter will be? Outstanding painting.

  13. Bizarre coincidence, lovely painting. That's an especially wonderful green you've created. Greens are hard.

  14. Love the painting, and the story is a great example of how artists find their inspiration. Best of luck to your dad.

  15. Ok, that's truly freaky, Paul!