7 April 2010

Hey Mr. Tangerine man ......


I forgot to post some other work I did last month, so continuing in a fruity vein I hope you like this one.
It is 12 x 7 inches, oil on gessoed watercolour board (illustration board) and if you like a smooth surface to paint on you should give it a try. Make sure to use at least 2 coats of gesso to seal the paper.
I am working on more fruit paintings and hoping the vitamins are doing me good - to be honest, I don't each much fruit and prefer cakes and biscuits for my healthy life style ;-) I am hoping that just handling the fruit is good for me ;-)


  1. Beautiful Paul. I really liked this one when I saw it before. The composition is perfect, I love especially the knife balanced - you expect it to fall off the canvas any minute. The realism is as always stunning, so that Belgian linen is a must. I will try to get some. As for the fruit eating..well, I think we ALL need less sugar and more vitamin C lol.

  2. Yeah, sure, vitamins are well absorbed through the skin ;)
    This tangerine and knife is absolutely wonderful, Paul.
    Warm regards,

  3. Did I say canvas? I meant paper...obviously not getting my 5 a day! lol

  4. Flawless Paul!

    You're in a league all of your own!


  5. Superb painting and great blog

    fellow artist :-)

  6. Not to worry, Paul, I've heard that merely looking at a piece of fruit will give you plenty of Vitamin C. And you do a lot of looking. :)