1 June 2010

That blue moon means it must be time for another post ...


I didn't realise that I hadn't posted this painting, so here it is. It is 12 x 9 inches on Belgian linen panel and was painted before the one in the previous post.
I have some new paintings coming up in the next few days and you'll be surprised to know that more than a few of them involve lemons.

I have slightly adjusted the new medium that I started using in the last post and it is just wonderful with the oil primed linen panels.
I now make up the mix minus the cobalt dryer and when I start to paint each day I pour out enough of the medium for the day's work (about a teaspoon full) and then add a drop or two of the cobalt to it
(with an eye dropper) and give it a good mix. If you add too much dryer the painting will start to dry in a few hours so you need to experiment but try not to use a lot of cobalt as I believe larger amounts can lead to cracking.


  1. It's a real science you have going there Paul...hehe. I think you'd have enjoyed being a painter of long ago.
    I do hope you like painting lemons... ;-)

  2. That tangerine wants to make us believe she's shy, all hiding behind her leaves, but no, she's the center of attraction, the focal point of the whole scene...show-off!

    It's a pitty I can't take advantage of your good advise about oil painting ... I'll keep enjoying your paintings and good mood :)


  3. Paul!

    I adore the leaves in this painting so much!


  4. Eyepopping goodness, Paul. More please. (: