7 January 2011

Surprise! Another post ...

9 x 12 lead primed linen panel
SOLD - Tallantyre Gallery UK

I just thought I'd post another painting of the broken plant pot for your perusal seeing as it has been so long since the last post ;-)


  1. great composition as always but there is that subtle light coming in from the right which adds so much more to the texture of the clay pot and apple. masterful! (is that a word?)

  2. nicely done, Paul. The broken pot series is an interesting subject. Your experimentation is also very interesting. Thanks for sharing it. And. Good luck with the U K gallery show.

  3. Interesting use of subjects Paul. I always enjoy how you playfully add some tension in your compositions. I wish you the best for 2011,
    creativity, health and serenity! Also, good luck with the new gallery in UK!

  4. wow, awesome, love the warm and soft light...
    Happy New Year!

  5. Very cool composition, with wonderful color!

  6. Paul, such beautiful work going on!