4 January 2011

Where does the time go?

16 x 12 inches linen panel
SOLD to Tallantyre Gallery UK

I never meant to let so much time go by until this latest post but I seem to be living in a time warp.
I have been experimenting with various panels and mediums and had quite a few failures but i felt it was worth the time and effort as I now seem to have found the ideal panel ... I used to use Belgian linen mounted on Gatorfoam panels but now I just use the Gatorfoam panels themselves (bare of linen). I give them two coats of acrylic gesso and then a coat of re-touch varnish to lower the absorbency.
The above painting was done on a lead primed very smooth linen but I didn't enjoy the process at all. It was very smooth but sucked the life out of the paints and took too long to achieve the finished effect so I wont be using it again.
If you are interested in trying the Gatorfoam go here: windriver arts
you can say you heard of them from me as they don't have the panels advertised on the site and I had to ask specially. They are very helpful :-)

I'll be posting some of the newer paintings on the Gatorfoam very shortly.

The Tallantyre Gallery in the UK has asked for 8-10 paintings for a show in London in April so I have about six paintings on the go at the moment (they have accept five others) so I have been very lucky in my start to the new year :-)

I will try and remember to post more work over the next few weeks (providing I don't mess them up that is ;-) but should I enter the twilight zone you will know that ..... I'll be back!!!!


  1. Well, which ever ground you end up using.
    The results are amazing.

  2. you don't half capture surfaces and tastes of objects Paul!
    i love the 'horizontalness' of this particular piece, enhancing the subject matter.
    i do hope you have time to post the others soon. best wishes

  3. I like the composition , the aspect that the leaves are following different directions makes a flower like image in the center of the two parts of broken pot. Genial