7 February 2011

Candle light

12 x 9 inches -Gatorfoam panel - SOLD

I did the under painting to this one in burnt sienna with the aim of darkening the background with a more opaque black later, but I like the effect of the rough brushwork and the ground showing through so I have left it like this (no, being a lazy devil had nothing to do with it …. honest ;-)
I'm not sure that I will do others like this and am still undecided.

I have ordered some new traditional mediums from James Cosgrove and can't wait to try them so I hope to have a review of them soon. Yes, I probably do have a medium fetish ;-) This painting was just a 50/50 mix of stand oil and gum turpentine with a few drops of cobalt dryer added to the days mix.


  1. I like the background! warm and inviting. Lovely painting.

    Is a medium fetish better than a small or large fetish? ;-)

  2. Hi Paul, candle light suits you. I love the soft light and shadows. Beautiful.

  3. This painting tugs at me. I'd love to have it here, among my thousands of books, but it would probably feel more at home next to a Rembrandt.

  4. Je me suis agréablement promenée parmi vos oeuvres que je trouve absolument sublimes et peintes avec une très grande maîtrise.
    C'est mon amie kelly qui m'a dirigée vers votre blog et je ne regrette pas cette rencontre... Je reviendrai vous voir.

  5. you are on a roll Paul. So glad to see that. your background came out wonderful. glad you were lazy about the dark background. this is perfect for the piece.

  6. Hi! Wow, your painting looks great, as usual! I agree with Lisa... candle light really brings out the ultimate best in your work... :) I Read your comment on one of my blog posts (Top 5 Countries) and I must say I envy you! Living in France and being a Brit are great stuff! :) And no, I don't mind the long gaps between posts at all! Your work is worth the wait!