3 March 2011

Wine on the vine

16 x 12 inches - oil on hardboard panel

This is quite a big one for me and I started it many months ago but gave up on it, and then I started experimenting with different mediums so I thought it would be good to use this failure as a test (so as not to ruin a new one if the experiment went disastrously wrong).
I think I managed to save it so I'm glad I didn't paint over it or use it as a cutting board (as has happened with other dubious offerings).

I'll be mentioning more about mediums from James Cosgrove in the next post when I hope to have a new candle painting completed exclusively with a new mix I am using incorporating some of his fine products.

I finished all the paintings for the Tallantyre Gallery in the UK so I hope to be posting some new work soon that will be available for sale - when I get around to doing some more photos.
This one may or may not be going to the Mason Murer Gallery in Atlanta as I have a lemon painting going to them for a show in April and may send this along for company ;-)


  1. Gorgeous, Paul! I'm still amazed at the detail of the wood...and the shadow. Can't wait to see more:-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Glad you didn't give up on it Paul, this is great. It has an air of the Dutch still life about. Fabulous, fabulous! Best of luck with the shows!

  3. I'm out of breath...So real, so goob, so....there is no world.

  4. I agree: the detail in the wood and those shadows are incredible. It's a lovely work.

  5. Beatiful is all I can say..gordon