19 March 2011


12 x 9 inches - oil on Gatorfoam panel

When you click the image you will see that I left the photo bigger than life size for a change so those of you who revel in getting up close and personal can see it warts and all ;-)
This one has gone to the Elliot Foutts Gallery in Sacramento. They are a big supporter of my work and they are great people too :-)

I like painting on these panels as they are very smooth and unbelievably light, they are also very cheap. I give them three coats of white gesso (sanded with very fine sandpaper between each coat) and then a final coat of Winsor & Newton Galleria gloss acrylic medium to make them less absorbent.
I get the 3/16 inch thick panels.
You can get them here (mentioning my name wouldn't hurt me ;-): windriverarts.com


  1. C'est d'une précision hors du commun et d'un grand réalisme. C'est superbe ! Encore et toujours bravo !

  2. Great work Paul, the reflections from the lemon on the knife are just beautiful, the lemon es ........perfect. Cheers

  3. Beautiful! It was fun to see it up close...no warts there, btw. The lemon even looks juicy! Great work as always.

    I'm still working on my French;-)

  4. the movement from light to shadow, the knife handle hanging over the edge and out of the painting... a work of art and recognised...

  5. Glorious... no one paints the lemon as well as you, sir.

  6. Jala, if you read this ... there is something wrong with your mail and web site I think,

  7. Great to see more of your beautifully realistic paintings. Checked out that site and very interesting. I am definitely painting on boards from now on!

  8. Thanks for the big version, it's great...What warts? It's perfect.
    I know what you mean about backgrounds, too, (from your latest post)
    They're my nememsis. I've had a beautiful painting ruined by one too many awful backgrounds...

  9. Stunning work, Paul! It's so magical and amazing!